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Our kimonos are made in Jaipur, the capital of the state of Rajasthan in India. We know this part of India well because we have been coming to India for almost 30 years and visit this state regularly. It is - from a tourist point of view - one of the most famous parts of India. And that is not for nothing! You can marvel at old forts and palaces, walk through colorful bazaars, spot a tiger, sleep in the desert, eat delicious curries, stay in a palace...

But when you travel through India you can't ignore the big differences between rich and poor, the unequal opportunities... and not just for women. Even as a man from a low caste you have to do your best to get ahead in life. Doing business with India therefore automatically means that we like to give something back to the country. In the first place by carefully choosing our suppliers. In addition, the training program spokeΒ Sustainable LivingΒ for women in Rajasthan immediately. A large group of women in villages and slums of Rajasthan have no education and insufficient skills, so they migrate to cities in search of low-skilled jobs.

PraveenLata Sansthan has aΒ Need Assessment ProgramΒ conducted in 20 villages of Rajasthan to identify the skills needed in the labor market and developed training programs for women and adolescent girls to prevent them from leaving their homes to move to larger cities. Unfortunately, there was a lack of diverse and market-oriented education and opportunities to develop skills. Girls are more often than boys taken out of school to take over household chores and many are never given the opportunity to develop further. PraveenLata Sansthan facilitates and operates skills training, vocational training, educational centers and programs across Rajasthan, supporting girls and women from grassroots to self-reliance.

Examples include Computer MS Office training, sewing, jewelery making and self-reliance training programs for rural women.

Every year we transfer an amount from Nilay Blockprints to this project.

​PraveenLata Sansthan's Mission

We work for behavioural, social & economic transformation of girls and women by providing them community based solutions in the areas of education, health and sustainable livelihood.