HOW TO LAYER.. de waistcoat

HOW TO LAYER.. the waistcoat

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Layers are not only warm, they also give an extra touch to your outfit. You can make items shine extra, you can wear items through layers in different seasons and use them for different occasions.
There are 3 elements that you 'must' , may (!) pay attention to when you start wearing layers: shapes, choice of material and size.
But how ?


& compensating for this
To add a layer to your look you need a base. A top and a bottom, a dress or jumpsuit. The shape of this can determine the rest of your look. You can give a fitted top with a slim-fit denim more 'body' by wearing a longer or oversized kimono over it. Is your dress or jumpsuit straight? Fit it with a belt or choose the waiscoat that emphasizes your waist and also shows enough detail of your basic item.


Layers in your outfit can make items easily disappear or simply put: no longer stand out. That's a shame. With plain colored items the tip is : mix materials . To give a few examples: quilted cotton with lurex, leather with wool, silky items with denim. Then you don't need a lot of color or print.
If you wear a lot of prints in your outfit, building your look works a little differently. The least noticeable color of the last layer (your blazer, kimono or waistcoat) lets you be the most striking in the layer below. For example, is red the least noticeable? Then choose a t-shirt, top or blouse where red predominates.


Not every item is layer-proof. Logical that you don't wear a size L item under a size S, if you know what I mean. With a simple 'good to know', you ensure that you can always wear layers. View the sleeve inset, e.g. of your basic item. A dropped shoulder (lower sleeve inset) indicates that the shape is straight/boxy. What you are going to wear over it must therefore be larger, if it wants to sit comfortably. Then choose the waistcoat, for example.

Viewing tip: ' how to layer ' reel by @zijenstijl containing 3 different items from House of Nilay. The reversible waistcoat, kantha kimono & quilted kimono jacket.
This inspirational post was created in collaboration with Zijenstijl

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